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线上澳门赌博开户:Plunging is the most effective and fastest mode of washing

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内容摘要:plunge is the most effective fastest mode whipsaw attention focused weekend newsearly trading today, the three major indexes opened slightly...

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plunge is the most effective fastest mode whipsaw attention focused weekend news

early trading today, the three major indexes opened slightly higher, stocks mutual ups and downs half a day still remain weak order pattern, lifeless, highlighting the size of the disk differentiation. Judging from the disk, stocks continued strong vibrato, gravitational media word closure plate, Kodak shares , network of software to be seen. The sudden emergence of the concept of lithium, Czech Republic shares , Shanshangufen financial and other stocks intraday collective pulled up. Baima stocks such as pharmaceuticals and breweries continued to be active and blue-chip repairs were worthy of attention. Automobile once active, FAW Xiali , Yaxing , Dongfeng Motor contrarian move up. In addition, the non-ferrous, bank shares also made a reversal.

From the technical point of view, the Shanghai Composite Index due to volume and price is not very good, the market appears repeated, time-sharing charts around the volatility of the online and offline. The trend of the three-day positive trend on the weekly chart line stabilized, and will take advantage of the five-week, 10-week moving average in the bag, the trend turned better, but when still faced with the suppression of the edge of the sideways finishing, but also on demand and capacity to support. The FBMACE maintained a unilateral shock and plunged momentum, closing down more than 1.6%, significantly affecting market enthusiasm. The daily support for the 10-day and 30-day moving averages was found. The weekly line was well-running and stood above the short-term moving average. The latter stage focused on the 250-week position competition.

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Shanghai and Shenzhen remain volatile throughout the day. In terms of quantity, stock index remained at a low level. The superposition of the weekend effect caused some weakness, but the short-term moving average below remained unbroken. Therefore, the resumption of the intraday volatility was at most 3130 points. Nearby, the more thorough the dishwashing, the smoother the rebound in the later period, the target will continue to look at 3200 points. After the continuous rise of the GEM, a number of short-term float accumulations have accumulated. The plunge is the most effective and fastest dishwashing mode. Although today's five-day moving average has fallen below the short-term moving average, there are still certain undertakings under the support of multiple moving averages below. force. In the later period, if there is a K-line anti-charging of today's Yin line, it means the end of the dishwashing. If it does not, it will enter the concussion period again and change the space for time. In time, it came to a sharp increase in uncertainty on the news side. Market funding preferences have also been significantly affected. Operational attention has been paid to weekend news. (Source of)

next week, the GEM will make a significant direction selection

today and Shenzhen stock index opened slightly higher in early trading is basically a concussion market; afternoon stock continued weak order, 14: 25 began a wave of diving; hot surface : Titanium, Scarce Resources, Nonferrous Metals, Coal, Lithium Batteries, Gold, Rare Earth Magnets, Banks, etc. performed well; overall: Today's market showed a slight adjustment.

As for the recent market trend, we focused on the GEM at the beginning of this week. Since the GEM is currently in an extremely sensitive turnaround cycle, we have repeatedly reminded the GEM KLCI (399102) of 2300 points in the blog post. The importance of an effective breakthrough must be followed by a brighter future. Failure to break through will continue to maintain the trend of consolidation.

Judging from the above judgments, the GEM Composite Index (399102) retreated significantly after touching the 250-day moving average and the index was closed on the Zhongyin Line throughout the day. However, the day's market does not have much significance. Today's decline in the GEM does not yet mean that the index will not break through in the later period. It will rationally deal with the trend of the day and see whether the market can operate in the next week and whether it can finally make a breakthrough.

For the trading skills of the secondary stocks that we are strategically concerned about, Xiangcai Securities Fan Bo believes that most of the varieties with large turnover rate are short-term hot spots, but the fluctuation range is relatively large, the daily limit is relatively frequent, and the low turnover rate is relatively high; If the species is supported by performance, it is easy to evolve into a midline bullish stock, but it is necessary to pay attention to the wave rhythm.

To sum up: In the short-term downtrend of the GEM, this does not mean that the sector can't be broken in the later period. It will be easier for them to maintain a neutral attitude of wait and see, and it will be easier for them to maintain the initiative and focus on the operation of the GEM in the next week. . (Xiangcai)

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